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You can visit these pages with every browser that can handle HTML 4.x. Support for unicode (UTF-8) is recommended. Java, JavaScript, Cookies, Plugins and similar useless things are not required and therefore they can be disabled. Frames and Cascading StyleSheets (CCS) are not used too. Graphic desktops need a resolution of at least 1024×768 pixels and 8 bits color depth (1280×1024 pixels and 24 bits color depth recommended). Text (ASCII) desktops (also known as "console") need a resolution of at least 80 characters × 25 lines (80 characters × 30 lines with color presentation recommended). Graphic desktops with a resolution of less than 1024×768 pixels cause problems with the display of pictures, graphics and tables. Still the contents are accessible as ever. Some files exist in special formats. If you don't want to or can't use any plugins, you can download these files and open them later offline with a suitable program. All files exist in formats that can be open with OpenSourceSoftware (OSS). These pages produces no noise while loading and nothing starts to flicker :-)

Following conventions are valid to display numbers on this pages: The comma is used as decimal separator. The period is used as thousands separator.

You can download sound examples as OGG-files (OGG-Vorbis audio encoding) on this pages. All examples except the examples on the German page "Musiktheorie" were played on acoustic instruments. The OGG-compression is always problematically in correlation with acoustic instruments that aren't amplified. On the other side the actually available bandwidths in the internet don't allow to offer soundfiles those are uncompressed or compressed without loss especially as the sourcefiles are recorded in CD-quality (44,1 kHz sampling rate, 16 bits sampling depth, stereo). To limit the damage that's caused through the OGG-compression a high quality of "6" (lowest qualityt: "-1"; highest quality: "10") with variable bitrate (VBR) is chosen and a little bit larger files are accepted. This is valid correspondingly for the pictures that are compressed with loss into the JPG-format on this pages too. The pictures those are integrated into the pages are compressed stronger to get faster access to the pages. The pictures those are accessible via "300 dpi JPG" are compressed with less loss to provide a higher quality.

The file formats MP3 and GIF are not used, because they are threatened by software patents. Besides OGG-files are smaller than MP3-files at comparable quality. Lossless compressed PNG-files are smaller than lossless compressed GIF-files in the same way.

Suggestions and objective criticism those refer to this pages are welcome at any time. Please consider that English is not my mother tongue.

Please, don't send me HTML-mails or mails with attachments! Emails are text!


If they aren't marked differently all contents on these pages are under the OpenContent License v1.0 .
If brand names and contents are protected by another copyright they won't concerned by the OpenContent License.
Tux, the Linux penguin is under the GPL.


On these pages are links to other pages in the internet.
I declare that I dissociate from all contents on all pages including all subpages those are linked on my pages! This declaration includes all links on my pages and all contents of the pages to that links or banners lead.
If a link is dead, doesn't lead to the specified content or leads to illegal contents please send me an email that I can check the link and delete it if it's neccessary.


Datenschutzerklärung (Privacy policy, German language only)

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